Architectural Engineering College Hold a Freshmen Cup Table Tennis Competition

Views:10Author:YAN XUERONGTimes:2019-10-23Set Up

Recently, sponsored by the College of Architectural Engineering and hosted by the Table Tennis Association, the 2019 “Freshmen Cup” Table Tennis Competition has ended on Yingtian Campus. 56 freshmen on Yingtian Campus participated.

For several days in a row, players, regardless of their skills, actively took part, showing off their demeanor. The table tennis competition adopts 3 different systems: group circulation, elimination and points-based . During the competition, contestants flew with passion, not fearing powerful rivals, and displaying their own prowess. Moves emerge in endlessly, cutting up, spinning down, cutting the ball, pulling the ball. The audience was so enthusiastic that they kept cheering and applauding. Finally, the men's champion was taken by Wang Ziqi from 19 software technology (embedded) class , and the women's champion went to Du Junyi from 19 cosmetics class.

Through this table tennis competition students have not only exercised themselves physically, but also promoted their friendship and communication. This competition has achieved the purpose of meeting friends viatable tennis , and also has brought the charm of table tennis as a national ball to our students.