School of Environmental Ecology Held a Mental Health Lecture

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Healthy psychological state is an importantguarantee for students' daily study and life. In order to improve thepsychological quality of students and alleviate the pressure of students' lifeand study, the Institute of Environmental Ecology held a lecture on secrettalk-stress and its coping Strategies in classroom 103 on the evening ofMay 20. The lecture was presided over by Zheng Jing, Director of the Academic WorkOffice, and was attended by Cheng Xiaojuan, Secretary of the Second PartyBranch, and all students at grade 2018.

In this lecture, Mr. Cheng Hao, a full-timepsychological consultant for mental health at Nanjing University of Posts andTelecommunications, was invited to explore the role of stress in collegestudents' study and life, and how to deal with all kinds of stress correctlyand positively as a college student. Mr. Cheng made it clear that in therapidly developing information society, there comes more and more pressure fromall aspects, the demand for psychological counseling is on a rise day by day atall levels, and mental health has become a public concern. He analyzed thevarious sources of stress in great details, emphasizing that stress has twosides, and that moderate stress can make people's psychological state healthierand make people learn to face the challenges of life actively and bravely . Headvocated the students to allocate themselves, and manage the pressure withpower. His wonderful lecture aroused the sympathy of all the students, and endedin the applause of the thunder.