Software Association from School of Information Engineering Runs a PPT Theme Production Competition

Views:177Author:YAN XUERONG Times:2019-05-31Set Up

At 6: 00 p.m. on May 20, a PPT production competition themed “I want to say, I dare say it aloud”sponsored by the Software Association from the School of Information Engineering, ended successfully in Room 101. The competition attracted more than 200 students from the whole college to participate.

The atmosphere at the scene of the event was warm and the interaction was frequent. The contestants showed her (him) in my heart and yearning for life through the diverse and sophisticated PPT, bravely and loudly expressed their vision and yearning for a better future. A sentence stroke a chord among young students: a mere idea in your mind will be turned into a better future. As a college student in the new era with a dream in mind, he or she should keep his/her feet on the ground, live up to the time, and create the brightest background of youth with struggle. During interactive link,  cooperative game, Top Ten singers' song , drove the event to a climax. Finally, after the judges scored and voted on the spot, Xue Qiaojuan, from Class 1 of 2018, won the first prize of the PPT production Competition.

Since its establishment in March 2014, the Software Association of the Institute of Information Engineering, in line with the principle of serving students wholeheartedly, has been striving for excellence in the spirit of craftsmen, giving full play to students' subjective initiative through mutual help, mutual assistance and mutual learning, enhancing their professional and technical ability, and laying a foundation for future study and work.