Teachers and Students of the School of Design Take Part in an Exhibition of Public Welfare Works

Views:158Author:YAN XUERONGTimes:2019-05-31Set Up

On May 25, led by Sun Peisong, deputy director of School of Design, more than 20 teachers and students of the School of Design came to Nanjing Weiyuan Art Museum to participate in the exhibition of works by Zhang Musheng, a public welfare painter and children of east China. Xu Ya, a teacher from the Resource Construction Center, was also invited to attend.

The exhibition was launched by Elephant, a charity organization. At the opening ceremony, the Design Institute donated two student works to the organizers. Mr. Elephant, co-sponsor of Elephant Love Public Welfare, made a speech, he welcomed the arrival of teachers and students of JSCVC and thanked the students for their works donated. In the next five years, 1 million yuan will be invested annually to support the development of quality education for arts and sports in western mountainous schools, and to promote cultural and artistic exchanges between caring people from all walks of life in Nanjing and schools in western mountainous areas. Mr. Zhang Musheng, the public welfare painter has frequently travelled to the western mountains for art teaching in the recent two years. After the opening ceremony, teachers and students visited the wonderful paintings of Mr. Zhang Musheng and the children from mountains, and felt the colorful and rich spiritual world of the children with their childish and bold hands.

The League branch of the School of Design and the Elephant Public Welfare Organization have maintained a cooperative relationship for many years and have actively organized teachers and students volunteers to participate in related public welfare activities, and achieved good educational effect and positive social reputation. Sun Peisong, Zhang Musheng and Mr. Elephant made detailed exchanges on further expansion of cooperation.