Creative Meituan, Student Association of the School of Design, Held World No Tobacco Day Activity

Views:15Author:YAN XUERONGTimes:2019-05-31Set Up

May 31 this year is the 32nd World No Tobacco Day. In order to arouse students' attention to tobacco perniciousness, Creative Meituan, a student association of the School of Design, designed a series of smoke-free theme posters, and interviewed some students on campus about tobacco, looking forward to awakening students' attention to "smoking is harmful to health" with multiple pictures, texts and semantics.

The focus of World No Tobacco Day 2019 is Tobacco and Lung Health, which aims to make people aware of the negative impact of tobacco on people's lung health and the fact that lungs playv a fundamental role in human health and well-being. The students of Creative Meituan are on campus, asking students about their understanding of tobacco, displaying a series of posters in hope of students cherishing their lives, and reducing the use of tobacco and exposure to second-hand smoke.